Why limit your life to being one character; when you can read and become so many? Students will study a range of popular texts; such as Harry Potter alongside more traditional reading such as Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice and Dr Jeykyll & Mr Hyde, as we seek to develop students’ skills in this core subject area.


Maths is everywhere, and impacts everyone, everyday! At Oldbury, Maths centres on real life scenarios and problem solving to enable students to access the wide world and everything mathematical within it. Our enthusiastic staff and creative teaching methods encourage students to challenge themselves, work independently and develop a wide skill set in this fundamental subject.


Have you ever wondered why? Why is my body the way it is? Why do things burn? That’s why we love Science, we like to know why, how and what if? In the Science department we are passionate about understanding why and how things work. We cover topics such as atoms, forces, nanoparticles, space and genetics, radioactivity, evolution, and The Big Bang, all delivered through a range of interesting practical experiments. We will help your child explain what they see happening in the world around them, as we develop by experiencing the magic of this fascinating subject!

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts curriculum is inclusive of Drama, Dance, Music and Art and aims to give students at Oldbury the opportunity to stretch and challenge their imagination, enabling all to become resourceful, confident and independent learners. We provide creative experiences which build self-esteem, reliance and develop problem solving skills. Our progress is showcased in our blockbuster end-of-year performance which showcases all of our students talent!

Applied Learning

The Applied Learning and Technology faculty aims to give students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in a range of academic, vocational and applied subjects.  We build confidence and allow students the chance to grow into creative thinkers and skilled individuals. Students will have the opportunity to study Product Design, Food Technology, Catering and Construction, all taught in well-equipped, modern classrooms.


Humanities fires the imagination of all students, and the study of Geography, RE, and History throughout Key Stage 3 will help them explain the world around them. They will answer questions such as ‘Why was there a Civil War in England in 1642?’, ‘How do earthquakes happen?’ and ‘Why did China adopt a One-Child policy?’ All of our Humanities subjects are popular options at Key Stage 4 and 5, as students go on to specialise in their chosen areas.

ICT, Business & Law

Using our newly developed computer suites, students engage with modern and rapidly developing technology as soon as they start with us. At Oldbury, students develop their skills of web design, programming, as well as software specific units. Students have the option to study Computer Science, iMedia, and Business Studies alongside ICT to continue their development as they move through the school.


Oldbury Academy has a thriving PE faculty which promotes an active, healthy lifestyle to the pupils and the community. Our lessons are designed to give pupils a broad and balanced experience of different sports whilst encouraging them further up the school to specialise and follow a pathway in sporting areas of their choice.


Bonjour! In an ever-growing global community, the study of a French or German is becoming increasingly important. Languages bring with them so many opportunities and develop skills such as public speaking, problem solving and general literacy. At Oldbury, we develop awareness of all language skills as we look to develop this most important skill in your child. Auf wiedersehen!

British Values and SMSC

All of our staff recognise and maximise opportunities to instil British Values into lessons across all curriculum areas.  Subjects such as religious education, history and law have clear links in the importance of democracy, tolerance and respect.  Similarly, even in mathematics all pupils need to understand the value of respecting others and listening to different opinions.  This is instilled within the CARE values of the school and we endeavour to teach children across all curriculum areas how to grow into tolerant, respectful young people who contribute positively to society.

Similarly incorporating SMSC topics across curriculum areas supports students in recognising that these issues permeate society. The input from a variety of staff and through a wide range of context and teaching methods supports the discrete PSHE/SMSC/British Values sessions in a morning, assemblies and focus days.

For further information on topics studied by pupils at Oldbury Academy please contact Mrs Gemma Tillotson, Assistant Head Teacher, on 01215333750

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