“Our vision, through a balanced curriculum and our C.A.R.E ethos of celebrate together, achievement for all, respecting each other and expectations to succeed, is to develop the talents of all of our students. We will ensure they will enter an ever-changing world with the knowledge, skills and attributes to excel.”

Work at the Academy is directed towards realising the following aims:

  • To pursue excellence in every aspect of academy life
  • To develop the knowledge, skills and talents of all individuals
  • To recognise and celebrate individual and collective achievement
  • To provide the opportunity for all pupils to achieve their full academic potential
  • To promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all students
  • To promote physical education, well-being and sporting opportunities for all students and members of our local community
  • To develop our Applied Learning to ensure that students receive the best possible preparation for the world of work
  • To prepare all students to become responsible citizens
  • To ensure that our campus provides a secure, attractive and stimulating environment for all users
  • To value and respect all individuals

The Academy is a mixed-gender comprehensive school covering the age range 11 – 16.

In order to secure the teaching and learning environment, we expect all learners at Oldbury Academy to behave in a way that is:


We believe that by getting this right during every lesson of every day, we can ensure that all strands of the CARE ethos will be achieved successfully.

CARE @ Oldbury Academy

Our vision ‘CARE’ underpins everything we do at Oldbury Academy

  • Rewarding those who consistently ‘get it right’ in all aspects of school life
  • Every person being active in their contribution to our community
  • Working together to shape a brighter future
  • Creating bright futures regardless of background and abilities
  • Shaping exceptional citizens, well equipped for the wider world
  • Supporting young people by offering a wide range of valuable, educational pathways
  • A culture of tolerance, diversity, understanding and equality
  • An environment where everyone feels safe, secure and included
  • All members of our community being independent and making positive, well informed choices
  • High levels of challenge, expectation and accountability
  • Developing a culture of success, positivity and happiness
  • Aspirational ‘thinking and doing’ to reach and exceed your own goals