The safeguarding and protection of our students is our absolute priority. We have an excellent reputation in our local area for our safeguarding and child protection practices and have developed very strong links with outside agencies and other schools to support this process.

Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL)

The DSLs at Oldbury have overall responsibility for the safeguarding and protection of the students at our school. We lead, however, a much wider team of staff who work to safeguard our students on a day-to-day basis. All of our staff are fully trained with regard to child protection, and all have a full and thorough knowledge of their role with regard to safeguarding.

The Nominated Governor for Safeguarding is Mr N Griggs – [email protected]

If you wish to alert us to any concerns of a safeguarding or safeguarding nature, please use [email protected]. If you believe anyone is at immediate risk of harm, please call 999.

Pupils say that they feel safe in school.” OFSTED 2017

Pupils are very well cared for at the school and their behaviour is good.” OFSTED 2017

The approach taken by leaders to keeping pupils safe, and supporting them when they are at risk, is diligent.” OFSTED 2017

Oldbury Academy Safeguarding Policy

Oldbury Academy is fully compliant with the most recent safeguarding and child protection legislation, and this is evidenced, and reported yearly through the Section 175 Audit.

Oldbury Academy Safety Plan

We provide all of our students access to “Worry Boxes” where they can let us know if there is anything they are worried about or if they are worried about someone else. In the modern world, it can be easy to think that some things are “normal” behaviours, when they really are not. If you know anyone who could be experiencing any of the things below, or you are just worried about a friend, then please speak to an adult without delay.

  • If you or someone is feeling down or any thoughts of self-harm or suicide
  • If you notice anyone with new or expensive items that you are worried have not been purchased by parents/carers
  • If someone experimenting with drugs/alcohol or using them regularly
  • If you think someone may carry weapons of any kind
  • That someone could be linked to or have been invited to join a gang
  • Anybody who has witnessed domestic violence or abuse in their home
  • Anybody that may be in a relationship that doesn’t seem healthy or that you are concerned about
  • Anybody who uses discriminatory language or has been a victim of discrimination e.g due to Race/Religion/Sexuality/Gender/Disability
  • Somebody who may be struggling with their sexuality or gender identity
Mental Health

We are vigilant to the mental health needs of all of our learners and know that at times, managing to get through day to day life can be a challenge. We have a strong, supportive team of staff in school and Mrs D Roberts runs our Learning Support Centre, which supports a number of students with coping with their social and emotional wellbeing and their Mental Health. Sometimes we all need a little more and we also work very successfully with external support partners to ensure all young people have the appropriate support where it is needed. Have a look at our safety plan for some of these and a special mention to the Kooth online service which our students have found very useful!

Online Safety

We regularly share important safeguarding updates with our families something families often talk to us about is Online Safety. We have now partnered with National Online Safety to provide accounts for our families who may more information in supporting their children to stay safe online. The information about this can be found here

National Online Safety have produced a range of guides to support parents in the 21st century digital world, including the following .

Operation Encompass

In every force, in every school, for every child.

Operation Encompass is the early reporting on to schools that a child or young person has potentially been exposed to domestic abuse. We are part of Operation Encompass

what this means.

  • We are notified the day after any domestic incident where a child in our school may have been exposed to domestic abuse or violence.
  • We will not discuss this directly with the child but it will allow us to “check in” with them generally and provide additional support where needed.
If you have any concerns!

Get in touch...

If YOU have concerns about the safety of a child, please contact us at [email protected]. You can also telephone the school to report concerns you may have.


Safeguarding Is Everyone’s Responsibility

“If you have any concerns or suspicions, contact our free helpline service to speak to an NSPCC counsellor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.” — NSPCC

If it relates to an Oldbury Academy student please contact Mr L. Evans, Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead via 0121 533 3750.

However, if a child is in immediate danger, please contact: