Oldbury Academy is proud to be able to offer our parents access to the EduLink-One mobile app and website.

EduLink-One is our new School to Home system allowing parents access to a wide range of information about their child in near real-time. The system has direct links to our Behaviour, Achievement, and catering system and updates every night for our other systems such as Attendance, TimeTable, Examinations and Historical school reports.

The system also allows for parents to update their own and their child’s personal information that is held with the school and return it to the school securely (No more annoying data collection forms to fill in).

EduLink-One can be accessed via the website at edulink.oldburyacademy.com or by using one of the apps below: (If using the app our school ID is oldbury)

What Can EduLink-One Do




School Reports



Update Information

Student Live Lessons
Parents Accessing Timetables