The Governing Body for Oldbury Academy is the Admissions Authority and complies with all legislation regarding admissions via the funding agreement for the achool. Governors have determined that it will comply with the co-ordinated admissions scheme for Sandwell which requires all parents to complete a preference form provided by the LA. CLICK HERE to access the LA’s admission information and forms.

The Admission number is 310.

The Academy will apply the following criteria where there are more applications than places available.

  1. Children who are in public care and children who were previously in public care but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order).
  2. Children with a particular medical condition which can be met most appropriately by the Academy. Applications must be accompanied by a medical declaration form signed by the child’s General Practitioner or Consultant confirming the condition and detailing the child’s needs. All applications under this criterion will be assessed by the Governing Body to decide whether the child’s needs can be met most appropriately by the Academy.
  3. Children having a brother or sister at the Academy (but not in sixth form) at the time of admission.
  4. 10 places are allocated to children on the basis of the applicant’s aptitude for physical education/sports, as determined in accordance with the assessment regimes.
  5. Children will be prioritised by distance measured in a straight line from a child’s home to the Academy’s main entrance (as determined by the head teacher), with priority being given to those living closest to the school. (The distance is measured from the ordnance survey address point for the property.)

NB. Children with statements of special needs, naming a particular school will be admitted before all other applicants.


Admissions Policy

can be found here

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Admissions to Sixth Form

Post-16 places may be available for students who are not currently attending the Academy.

Mid-year Admission Requests
  • In the case of a mid-year request for admission, a student will be considered eligible for transfer if:
  • There are available places in the relevant year group
  • They have not been permanently excluded from two or more previous schools
  • The student is willing and able to recognise his/her commitment to a new academy
  • Adequate support for the transition and the subsequent education of the student exists in the family, extended family or supported family
  • The needs of the student will not be such as to unfairly disadvantage
  • The induction of the students can be met and supported within existing resources and is manageable.

Prior to admission, one or more interviews with the parents/carers will take place and the original academy will be contacted. Agencies may be contacted as appropriate.




Appeals regarding a failure to gain a place at the Academy will at present be dealt with according to the Appeals process of Sandwell Local Authority.