The summer term of 2022 will see the return of formal examinations for Year 11 GCSE and Year 10 & 11 Vocational candidates, following two years of disruption and alternative assessment arrangements. These examinations will follow a similar format to pre-covid restriction examinations, with a few modifications. These modifications can include a reduced topic content for some GCSE’s (if this is the case a candidate’s teacher will have spoken to them regarding this), Advance information of the topics to be covered in the examinations for the subject, or the removal of one unit in some vocational qualifications.

On this page you will be able to find useful information on what candidates need to know about the examination process, how to know when a candidate has an examination and links to key information from the Awarding Bodies.

Advice for Candidates Booklet

We have prepared an easy to read booklet for candidates that covers all the basic information that is needed before they sit their external assessments. The booklet goes through the basics of the examination process including reading timetables, checklists for equipment, preparing for an examination, dates of the examination season and what to do if they have any problems.

Students have been issued with a printed copy of this booklet in March 2022 but an electronic copy is available to download below.

JCQ Waring to Candidates

Download a copy of the JCQ Warning to Candidates

Advance Information

Advance information for specific subjects can be found by clicking one the links below:

Computer Science
English Language
Religious Studies

Exam Timetable

Candidates will receive a personalised summary timetable in late March stating the examinations that they have been entered for and the date and time of these examinations. This is to allow candidates to plan their time and revision carefully and know their commitments for the examination season. Whilst this timetable may show the candidate finish their examinations by a certain date it is imperative that they are available to take examinations upto and including Wednesday 29th June 2022. If an exam needs to be postponed nationally it will be moved to this date and if a student cannot attend, they will not be given any special consideration for the missed examination.

Candidates will receive a new, more detailed copy of their timetable which includes rooming, seat information and exact timings shortly after the Easter holidays. Candidates should ensure they keep this information safe and be familiar with all their dates and times. If you miss an examination, there is no option to do it at another time and this will seriously impact the final grade you receive.

A copy of the Academy’s skeleton Summer 2022 timetable can be downloaded below.