Pastoral Leadership:

Deputy Headteacher – Pastoral/Safeguarding – Mr Davis
Assistant Headteacher – Pastoral – Mr Burgoyne
Assistant Headteacher – Pastoral – Mrs Tillotson

Year 7 team:

Head of Year – Mrs Mewis
Assistant Head of Year – Miss Beardmore
Student Welfare Officer – Miss Kelleher

Year 8 team:

Head of Year – Mr Wade
Assistant Head of Year – Miss Taylor
Student Welfare Officer – Mr Finley

Year 9 Team:

Head of Year – Mr Hodges
Assistant Head of Year – Mr Bullimore
Student Welfare Officer – Miss Lewis

Year 10 Team:

Head of Year – Miss Thiara
Assistant Head of Year – Miss Handscomb
Student Welfare Officer – Miss Buckley / Miss Oakley

Year 11 Team:

Head of Year – Mrs Nawaz
Assistant Head of Year – Mr Walsh
Student Welfare Officer – Mrs Chappell

Additional Pastoral Support:

Operations Manager (Transition & Work Experience) – Mr Brittle
Learning Support Centre Manager – Ms Roberts
External Support Coordinator – Mrs Chatwin
Education Welfare Officer – Ms LaTouche
Pastoral & Attendance Officer – Mr Windmill
Attendance Administrator – Mrs Samra
SENCO – Miss Rashford
Assistant SENCO – Mrs Collins