At Oldbury Academy we are rolling out the Microsoft Teams platform as our tool to deliver online virtual lessons to students during the COVID-19 school closures. The Microsoft Teams platform allows Oldbury Academy to deliver interactive video lessons to students remotely in a way that is both physically safe and digitally secure to protect our students and staff.

This page will help students get set up with the platform and access their first lessons.

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Year 10 Live Lessons

Given their public examinations scheduled for Summer 2021, our Year 10 students will have access to a live lesson each day from Monday 8th June 2020, between 10-11am, and will follow the timetable at the end of this letter.

Lessons and resources will be uploaded onto Microsoft Teams 24 hours in advance of a live lesson taking place.  The student guidance of how to access Microsoft Teams can be found on the school website in the Year 10 page which will be up and running by the end of the week.

We will endeavour to ensure the teacher delivering the lesson is the same teacher your child had prior to school closure, as this will help provide a sense of routine and consistency to their remote learning. However, if your child’s teacher is unable to deliver the lesson because they are ill, for example, there will be another member of staff delivering the lesson.

There will also be another teacher in the live lesson. They will support the main class teacher by controlling the interactive functions e.g. by responding to questions students may have in the chat box while the class teacher continues to deliver the lesson. Microsoft Teams also has a hands up function which informs the teacher if a student wants to ask something and it gives the order they put their hands up in.  The support teacher can then select a student and they will be given the opportunity to ask their question just like what would happen in a classroom.

Please note: As Year 10 students are over 13 years old they are considered old enough to be able to consent themselves to take part in live lessons via Microsoft Teams.  The school website will have further information regarding children and GDPR. If you as their parents/carers do not want them to be part of the lesson that is perfectly fine, we just ask you to support us by ensuring your child does not log onto the live lesson whilst they are in your care. We have set the functionality settings of Microsoft Teams so that students will only be able to see their teacher and not the other students in the class; they will see everyone’s initials if they are in the live lesson.

Following a lesson delivered via Microsoft Teams the lesson will be uploaded onto Show my Homework to further support the learning experience at home and teaching staff will then provide work following the lesson on Show my Homework to support their learning and hopefully this will give them greater contact with their teachers and improve their learning experience during these difficult times.

If you have any further questions regarding live lessons and remote learning, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Dryburgh via email:

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