Thank you for considering a place in our Sixth Form. Why should this be your next step? Oldbury Academy Sixth Form prides itself in developing its students with a genuine focus on the individual; placing emphasis on achievement and expectations to succeed. The Sixth Form Hub facilitates a caring and supportive learning community in which every student is valued. Many opportunities exist for students to participate in extracurricular activities, exercise responsibility in the wider school community and experience personal growth and development.

We are confident that our students will leave us with a sense of achievement, a set of personal values and experiences that will enable them to meet the challenges which lie ahead.  We are particularly proud of the fact that an increasing number of our students are progressing to University.

Sixth Form is a very different experience to the rest of the school.  Students are given more freedom and responsibilities. Students are seen as role models for younger students and they form an integral part of the school.

The Sixth Form Team look forward to discussing with you the opportunities that are available in the Sixth Form at Oldbury Academy.

Miss D Payne

Why choose our Sixth form
What do our student's say about Sixth Form?
“It’s an excellent Sixth Form with caring and fantastic teachers; they will help you succeed and achieve your ambitions.” Tijay
“GCSEs to A Levels is a massive jump but the staff at Oldbury Academy make that jump smaller.” Keyon
“Coming into Sixth Form as an external student has been a really positive experience. The staff and students have been welcoming and the environment is friendly and easy to adapt to.” Yosni
“The teachers push me to reach my goals and will do whatever it takes to see me succeed.” Tyesha

Our Prospectus

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What do we teach?

At Oldbury Academy Sixth Form we teach a variety of subjects ranging from Biology to Criminology! Download our full subject list with in-depth course information.

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What are my responsibilities when applying to Sixth Form?

A Sixth Form course is designed to develop maturity and a sense of responsibility within a framework where guidance is available and high standards are expected.


What are the opportunities when applying to Sixth Form?

It is expected that Sixth Form students have chosen to return to study A Levels or equivalent qualifications because they are determined to further their qualifications.

Meet the Team

Miss Payne

Head of Sixth Form

Miss Walker

Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Mrs Samra

Student Welfare Officer

Miss Wilkins

Careers Manager

Spiritual, moral, social and citizenship education helps young people develop personal qualities, which are valued in a civilised society. For example, thoughtfulness, honesty, respect for difference, moral principles, independence and self-respect. At Oldbury Academy, we seek to teach these qualities across the curriculum as well as throughout school life. We also support British Values through tutor group discussions and assemblies and alert our students to the safeguarding concerns that they may encounter as they develop as young adults. All students participate in an annual calendar of assemblies and enrichment days which cover the statutory and non-statutory elements of SMSC including Enterprise, Careers Education, Work-related Learning, Safeguarding & British Values.

Work-related learning is an essential part of our offer and is delivered through form-tutor time, assemblies and also by our Careers Manager who holds individual meetings with students throughout the year. Students may undertake a Work Experience placement within one of the available option blocks. This is designed to equip our students with the skills, experience and confidence they need to be ‘work ready’.

As an inclusive Sixth Form, our team work closely with students of all ability ranges, including students who are classified as Gifted & Talented as well as those with Special Educational Needs (SEN).
The changes in the ‘Children and Families Bill’ affect the way children with SEN are supported in schools by placing students at the centre of planning and provision mapping. The key principles are:
Young people and families should be involved in discussions about the support they need

  • Education, Health and Care Plans (EHC) will replace ‘Statements of Special Educational Need’. However, there will be up to a 3 year transition period in place from September.
  • School Action (SA) and School Action Plus (SAP/SA+) codings will be replaced by a single school-based category for students who need additional specialist support.
  • Oldbury Academy is well-placed to adopt these changes and we shall continue to work closely with Sandwell LA to access training and support.

Our Local Offer Summary for students with SEN and Disability:

  • We uphold the right for children to have a high quality education
  • We recognise the diverse educational needs within our local community
  • We acknowledge the fact that the needs of our students might change and we believe it is our duty to offer full educational access and inclusive provision to all our students

Some students need increased support to access learning because:

  • They may have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of other children of the same age
  • They have a disability as defined under the Equality Act, which affects their ability to access and benefit from the educational opportunities generally enjoyed by other children of the same age

Thus, we aim to ensure that all barriers to equal access in our school are removed or overcome. We monitor and track the progress of all students so that the support we provide is as effective as possible. We welcome the full engagement of parents and carers and, where necessary, we seek support and advice from specialists outside of Oldbury Academy to ensure that we develop and maintain a range of flexible resources to meet the needs of all our students.

The choice you make about which path to take at the age of sixteen will influence the future direction of your life. It is a critical decision.

Choosing the right course in the Sixth Form is an important first step to success. We offer two types of Level 3 courses at Oldbury Academy and both are designed to help you progress to university, an apprenticeship or employment.

A LEVELS are the traditional academic route. They require a strong ability to recall learnt knowledge and are examined at the end of two years of study.

BTECS are applied learning based on a work sector. They include both exams and coursework assessment taken throughout the course.

Both routes are, of course, challenging and represent a significant step up form GCSE. However, your particular learning and preferred assessment style may favour one of the routes so it is important to be informed.

Click here to see our admissions policy.

For specific entry requirements for courses please refer to our prospectus.

A Level (Level 3)
Generally, a minimum of 5 A* – C grades at GCSE, including English and Maths, with a grade B in the subjects to be studied at A Level.

BTEC (Level 3)
Generally, a minimum of 5 A* – C grades at GCSE including English & Math