Useful Contacts

    Equipment and general day-to-day issues = Please contact the Form Tutor in the first instance
    Homework or lesson related issues = Please contact the Subject Teacher or Head of Faculty
    Pastoral care and attendance related issues = Please contact a member of the House Team
    Safeguarding = Please contact either Mr P Shackleton, Mr P Davis, Mr J Cannon, Mrs Tillotson (Designated Safeguarding Lead Staff)
    Complaints = Please contact Mr P Shackleton (Headteacher)
    Formal complaints = Please contact Mrs S Harvey (Chair of Governors)
    Exam related issues = Please contact Mr C Waters (Exams Officer)
    Student reference requests = Please contact Mr C Waters
    Queries regarding our SEN Local Offer or SEN Support = Please contact Mrs C Rashford (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)
    Queries regarding your child’s achievement and progress = Please contact Mr S Cresswell (Deputy Headteacher)
    Queries regarding your child’s options or curriculum pathways = Please contact Mr J Cannon (Assistant Headteacher)

Oldbury Academy is a Charitable Company, registered in England and Wales, number 7672607